Wood Desk Table Easel

Wooden table for painting, coloring or making comics. Equipped with three storage areas for supplies such as colored paints, colored pencils and others. The support stand can be adjusted so that you are comfortable at work. Made of wood, you can take it with you wherever you go, and it looks beautiful. For more details, you can read here


Lagi ramai Iphone 14 pro

Lagi ramai dengan kemunculan iPhone 14 2020 dengan perubahan tampilan bagian muka (depan), Chip A16 Bionic, kameranya 48mp 24mm aperture f1.78, stabilization juga ada. Wuih... mau dibawa jalan-jalan asyik banget siap-siap bagi yang berminat mau beli tipe iPhone 14 terbaru, paling engga punya case nya dulu ha..ha..ha...


Mieke Lens 35mm F1.7

Meike 35mm F1.7 Large Aperture Manual Focus Prime Fixed Lens APS-C Compatible with Sony E-Mount

I really like this mieke brand manual lens, with an aperture of f1.7 it can produce very good bokeh photos, the Meike 35mm is the same as the eye view, suitable for everyday photos, perfect to take anywhere. If you use a mirrorless camera that is equipped with a peaking level, it will be easier because the focus point can be seen in the camera's peephole even though this lens is only manual focus. This is what makes me like even though manual focus is still I can see the focus point through the peaking level feature that is already available on mirrorless cameras.

I usually use it for food photos, travelling, close-up photos and product photos. With an aperture of f1.7, you can take photos in low light conditions. One of the things that made me very interested in the mieke brand was because the price was affordable and the quality was good enough for me.

This is an alternative lens and is very useful for learning better in photography.